I have two left feet? Do I stand a chance?
We specialize in beginners so if you have never set a foot on a dance floor and are afraid to do so, you shall not fear…come see us….we’ll fix those two left feet!

How long will it take me to learn to dance?
There are many factors to be considered such as your goals, your ability to learn, how consistent you are, how much do you practice outside of the studio and more. After your first class, we can give you an assessment to answer this question.

How do I begin my dancing journey?
Call us at 702.405.7070 or visit click here to view our classes and register today!

What is a Group Class?
Group Lesson is the most entertaining way to learn how to dance Salsa. Our instructors, dance syllabus and schedule help create a pleasant environment where you can gain the most out of your time.
As you master all the Salsa combinations, and technique in each level, you have the opportunity of meeting and dancing with new people. This enables you to practice and at the same time define your own technique and style

What is an OPEN class?
A class that does not have a starting or ending date. Drop-ins are always welcomed. Strictly Open classes are $15 for single class (Nightclub prices will vary). With open classes you can pay each time you go.

What is a SERIES class?
A class that has a start and end date. You can register for these classes up to the second week of each series. You can make up 1 class from any series in any of our classes (open or series). In order to receive the make-up you will need to let your instructor know.
No Drop ins for series classes accepted. Sorry!!

For partnering classes, do I need a partner?
No. We always rotate partners throughout class. If you do bring a partner, we encourage you to rotate so you can experience different leads and follows but rotating is not mandatory.

What kind of clothing and/or shoes should I wear?
We recommend comfortable clothing such as workout attire, jeans, etc. For shows we recommend jazz shoes, dance heels and or casual sneakers. Please - no sandals - no heavy sole shoes.
For kids classes, please read uniform requirements.

How long are the classes?
Classes are 55 minutes long

How early should I arrive?
For your first class, arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for registrations and other required paperwork.


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